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Get Involved - Get Writing!

Are you, or is someone you know, dealing with a mental health issue?  Carrying the load can feel heavy.  Creative outlets allow you to expressive yourself, share your experience, be creative and help others.  Why not dare to put yout thoughts, feelings, experiences and emotions into words.  You can write annonymously, with a pseudonyme or as yourself.  The important thing is what you have to say; every one of your voices has a place here to be read, shared and heard.

  • Read a mental health realted book recently?  Why not write and submit a review  here?



  • Feeling isolated or alone?  You're not alone and famous people struggle too. Write about someone famous who has inspired you and share your thoughts with us here .

  • Struggling to make sense of what's happening in your mind or the world around you? Put it into words: poetry, memoir, short stories, articles,  whichever format you like.  Click here to share your creative writing.

'Alone I write; together we read.'- J.M. Gonzalez

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