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In the year before being diagnosed bipolar I was traumatised by manic episodes and psychiatric ward admissions.  Despite having the support of family and friends I felt deeply confused, lost and alone.

There was a strong desire within me to connnect with others who understood first hand what I was going through.  But, around me everyone seemed to be successful and healthy.  So I turned to books.  Reading them and trying to write them.  I started to read self help, fiction, memoirs and testimonials.  I joined a writing class and despite my overwhelming nerves I wrote and read my work which all related to my struggles.  I started to research on the internet and discovered a variety of celebrities who shared my experiences.  Suddenly I felt connected to a world of other wounded hearts and minds.

Moving on since my diagnosis of Bipolar, things are finally starting to move forward.  The fog is slowly lifting.  As it does, I decided I would like to create a space where the thoughts and feelings; catastrophes and triumphs, of all of us in this world, battling with our own selves, could be shared.

I hope the voices within these pages provide you with whatever you were looking for when you came to find them.  I hope the act of writing and sharing your stories can be a step in your journey towards peace and contentment.

'Be thankful for the bad things in life. For they open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before.' - Unknown

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